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Works on Display

Home By The Water by Ken Rasmussen

Home By The Water


Dimensions 915 × 1220 mm
Sweet Island by Ken Rasmussen

Sweet Island


Dimensions 1220 × 915 mm
Beautiful City Ken Rasmussen

Beautiful City


Dimensions 610 × 915 mm
Sydney Harbour Sunrise Oil Painting - Sydney Opera House, Sydney Skyline & Beaches

Sydney Sunrise


Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 915 × 1220 mm

This is my Sydney sunrise. You are looking down over Barangaroo, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. You can see out across the confetti of sailboats on the water, across to Sydney’s beautiful beaches. This is early in the morning when Sydney is just springing to life. The air is crisp. Optimism and potential sweep in with the breeze across the water.

Afternoon On Sydney Harbour Bridge Oil Painting - Opera House, Bondi Beach

Afternoon On Sydney Harbour


Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 1220 × 915 mm

This is the afternoon on Sydney Harbour. Here is the view down over Barangaroo and the CBD, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on out to Sydney Heads, Bondi and Manly. This painting is a celebration of all of the green spaces and water in and around Sydney. These are the elements that nourish us and bring the city to life.

Margaret River Sunlit Pools by Ken Rasmussen

Margaret River Sunlit Pools


Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm

This is a celebration of the Margaret River waterlilies and the beautiful little village. You can see the sun moving across the sky. You are walking up from the river into the village.

TW77 Rottnest Waits For Youby Ken Rasmussen

Rottnest Waits For You


Dimensions 1015 × 765 mm
Margaret River by Moonlight by Ken Rasmussen

Margaret River by Moonlight


Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm

It’s wonderful to arrive in Margaret River after the drive down from Perth. You are crossing the river as the moon is rising. You can see the township through the trees. This is the moment when a holiday really begins.

Great Big City by Ken Rasmussen

Great Big City


Dimensions 760 × 760 mm

I’m showing you a landscape that you know well. There’s Kings Park, the city, the landmarks of Applecross and the river and the bridge. I’ve used gold light as an affirmation. I want people you feel the value of where you live, and your experience of the world.

How We Find Colour by Ken Rasmussen Oil on Linen

How We Find Colour


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 760 × 760 mm

I’m honouring the pure beauty and dignity of suburban life. This painting is Applecross on the Canning River, looking over to the city of Perth. I’ve included Garden City shopping centre where people gather. I’ve made the houses like a row of jewels. I’m saying there’s something individual and important about the people who find their home in the suburbs.

Glory Days by Ken Rasmussen Oil On Linen 61x61cm

Glory Days


Dimensions 610 × 610 mm

This is about the golden times that ebb and flow over the city. The place sparkles with optimism and activity. The colours are brighter and the river takes your breath away. It is important to celebrate good times in order to be carried through times that aren’t as easy.

Two Cities by Ken Rasmussen

Two Cities


Dimensions 915 × 1220 mm

It is midday and the sun is shining. In the river, you can see Heirisson Island. This view shows the cities of Perth CBD and South Perth as they sit alongside each other. The light sparkles up from the river in different colours. The patches of pink in the water are the natural leaf stain you might notice sometimes in the shallows of the Swan River.

Sweet Dreams Where Sunbeams Find You byKen Rasmussen. Oil on Linen

Sweet Dreams Where Sunbeams Find You


Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm

This is the way a child experiences Rottnest. It’s not so much about the island itself. It’s all about moving from one fun place to another. I am highlighting a hundred beautiful, exotic bays, different headlands, different places to go swimming. This is a child’s map of holiday fun.

Up From The River by Ken Rasmussen Oil Painting on Canvas

Up From The River


Dimensions 1220 × 1525 mm

This is South Perth on the left and the city to the right. Both places are bathed in the very warm dawn light. The river is a warm shadowy blue down the bottom and a cool pale blue at the top. You can see into the tea tree tint in the water. As the fer…

Up to The Sky. Oil on Linen Painting by Ken Rasmussen

Up To The Sky


Dimensions 1220 × 1220 mm

We’re looking at South Perth and the city centre. There is the freeway bridge and the view down both the Swan and Canning Rivers. There’s a warm village feel to the city.

City On The River by Ken Rasmussen

City on the River


Dimensions 1525 × 1980 mm

The Swan River flows between the twin cities of Perth and South Perth, out into an expansive waterway. There are layers of detail in the cities – gold has a magical, enchanting quality, and there are rich blues and purples. There is a storybook quality to the city, to the places we see every day and have a great fondness for.

Big City Afternoon by Ken Rasmussen

Big City Afternoon


Dimensions 1220 × 1220 mm

This is a painting about the magic of the city. I’ve used a big circle of light to frame the monuments of the soaring skyline. These are the buildings of our imagination – how we imagine the city to be rather than how it actually is. This is about the spirit of the place with its strength and reaching up towards the sky.

Big Radiant City by Ken Rasmussen

Big Radiant City


Dimensions 1220 × 1520 mm

This painting is about a place that gives us stability and a solidness to the principles of law and the rules of life. You can see that in the layering. There are layers of things that make up civilisation and make things on which we can depend. There’s tremendous investment in education and processes. I’m paying homage to the layers of time and work that go into making historical progression.

Big Red City by Ken Rasmussen

Big Red City


Dimensions 1220 × 1520 mm

This is the view as you are standing in Northbridge looking at the city towers. They are glittering in the light of sunset.