Commissioning an Original Work

Would you like to commission an original work from Ken?

A commission starts with a conversation with Ken, either at his Studio in East Fremantle or via phone. You can discuss your commission ideas, and reference existing works in the studio that relate to your ideas.

You might discuss the locations you would like to see in your painting, together with special places that have meaning to you. This might mean a particular place where something important happened, or a building or feature of the landscape that has meaning to you. Maybe there are some buildings that matter.

Size and Price

You can choose the size and format of your painting from a range of standard selections. 1.2m square (smallest), 1.8m x 1.5m and 1.8 x 1.2m are common selections.

Pricing depends on the complexity of your commission.


Commissioning a painting will work well if you have broad ideas, have seen Ken's work and like the way he looks at places, offer up ideas about what you love and are happy to see creative freedom in the way Ken interprets your brief.

A commission won't work well if the brief is too prescriptive, defining how a painting should be composed or including too many details that would make a composition unworkable

The Process

In summary,  the commissioning process works like this: you meet with Ken and discuss what you want, you receive a Brief and quotation. You accept the quote and pay 50% of the fee. You agree a Refined Brief, pay the final 50% and Ken paints your commissioned work.

Want more detail? Read on.

Briefing Consultation

Arrange a time to visit Ken in his studio in East Fremantle and complete your Briefing Consultation. From your Briefing Consultation, Ken will prepare a Brief that describes the painting you are asking for.

Brief and Quotation

After your initial consultation, you'll receive a write up of your Brief, together with a quotation. This quotation will reflect the physical size of your commission, and also the amount of complexity and effort required to create a beautiful painting that reflects the heart and soul of your brief.

You'll get a response to your brief that reflects the creative nature of Ken's process. Sometimes a work can be envisaged based on a brief, other times it can't.

 There is no obligation to proceed with a commission from a quotation. You may review the quotation and decide to proceed or not.

You may be advised your brief is declined. This would not be a reflection on the quality of your brief or vision for the work. It is a reflection of what Ken feels he can do in response to your brief, a response that reflects his own creative state. If he doesn't feel he can create a beautiful work of art, he may decline the commission request.

Quote Acceptance

After reviewing the Brief and Ken's quotation for your commission, you can decide to accept or decline the quote. 50% of the quoted fee is due as a deposit to initiate the commission.

Refined Brief

After a quote is accepted, one or more follow up discussions are held to refine your brief. This is an opportunity to clarify and confirm details, or discuss refinements to the brief. Refinements to a brief take existing concepts and refine them. Material changes to the brief are quite different, and may result in a variation to the quotation.  There is no risk to you however. If you and Ken are unable to agree on a Final Brief, you will be refunded your deposit in full.


Once the Refined Brief is agreed, you pay the remaining 50% of the agreed fee for the commission.