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Canning River Paintings

Original oil paintings by Ken Rasmussen.

Great Big City by Ken Rasmussen

Great Big City


Dimensions 760 × 760 mm
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I’m showing you a landscape that you know well. There’s Kings Park, the city, the landmarks of Applecross and the river and the bridge. I’ve used gold light as an affirmation. I want people you feel the value of where you live, and your experience of the world.

How We Find Colour by Ken Rasmussen Oil on Linen

How We Find Colour


Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm
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I’m honouring the pure beauty and dignity of suburban life. This painting is Applecross on the Canning River, looking over to the city of Perth. I’ve included Garden City shopping centre where people gather. I’ve made the houses like a row of jewels. I’m saying there’s something individual and important about the people who find their home in the suburbs.

We Move, We Travel by Ken Rasmussen Oil on Linen

We Move, We Travel


Dimensions 760 × 760 mm
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In this painting, we’re above the river looking across Melville to the ocean. You can see Canning Bridge in the foreground and Cottesloe and Rottnest in the distance. The houses moving through the picture express the language of people’s lives. Always changing, travelling and moving places.

On Canning Waters Ken Rasmussen Oil on Linen Painting

On Canning Waters


Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm
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On Canning Waters came into being after a conversation in the Studio with the Principal of Aquinas College. The painting looks across the Canning River and Salter Point towards the city, with the life of the river and land and the colour of the surrounding suburbs spilling over the school.