Fremantle Oil Paintings

Fremantle is just like a whispered secret
It's mystery, discovery and surprise
Around every corner, down every street
There are those ships moving like mountains
A long slow dance with the sunset and the sea.

These rich and colourful original artworks by Ken Rasmussen capture the essence of Fremantle.

Village By The Shore by Ken Rasmussen Oil on Linen Painting

Village By The Shore


Oil on Linen Painting
Dimensions 610 × 610 mm
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Here is Fremantle. It reminds me so much of an Edwardian port village. It’s re-invented itself through the University and cafes. It’s been brought to life by the migrants who share their cafes, delis and generous hearts. There are so many surprises to open in this place. You can see the port, the lighthouses, the railway line, the park and the Ferris wheel. Add all to that, the cargo ships, the containers, Cottesloe and Dingo. Someone described this as Christmas in a landscape painting.

A Day On The Water by Ken Rasmussen Oil Painting

A Day On The Water


Oil on Linen Painting
Dimensions 915 × 1220 mm
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A friend commented that this painting was a riot. That is exactly what I was after. I wanted to capture all the elements that excite and delight us in this landscape. What a wonderful and adventurous place Rottnest is. The passing ships are so mysterious with their colourful stacked containers. There’s the magic of Cottesloe Beach, whales, lighthouses and the movement of the clouds. And the metropolis of Fremantle, busy with its port, trains and excitement, watched over by Dingo. These places awaken my childhood sense of wonder.

Riding The Tide by Ken Rasmussen

Riding The Tide


Oil on Linen Painting
Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm
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There’s yellow Rottnest with the sun shining down and reflecting across the water. At the bottom of the picture, you can see the reef. The Dingo Flour logo means a lot to me because it reminds me of flour, flour bags, cooking scones, domesticity and caring for people. I had a lot of fun painting those clouds in this work. I love how clouds change. As they come and go, your view of the world is altered. I enjoy how all this movement plays out over the water. I am reminded of how bad times cloud over and block the light. They move away and things feel lighter once again. In this painting, I became very interested in textures on the surface of the water. In this painting, the whales are under the surface of the water as an outline.

TP59 Village North Fremantle by Ken Rasmussen. Oil on Linen Painting.

Village (North Fremantle)


Oil on Linen Painting
Dimensions 765 × 1015 mm
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East Fremantle Sparkles by Ken Rasmussen

East Fremantle Sparkles


Oil on Linen Painting
Dimensions 1220 × 1220 mm
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Here’s your home in East Fremantle Sparkling river, bobbing boats The green peaceful end of town Where cats balance on fences And life is a little more generous. Read my blog post about this painting.

Rottnest's Wet And Sandy Hugs by Ken Rasmussen

Rottnest’s Wet and Sandy Hugs


Oil on Linen Painting
Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm
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This is about kids and their beach holidays. There are the whales coming in for a visit past Cottesloe and Rottnest. You can see the Dingo Flour sign, lighthouses and even the pretend smugglers cave at Bathers Beach. Giant cargo ships cruise in and out of the harbour. Really this is a children’s paradise.