Oil paintings by Australian artist Ken Rasmussen

Artworks for sale online or by enquiry. Next studio open Sat 27 Mar.

Celebrating A Good Life with Art

Where do you feel most alive?

Where were you for the most romantic moments of your life?
Where is the place you've found most peace and connection with your people?

Ken Rasmussen's oil paintings let you revisit those very important places.

This is art to celebrate the richness and texture of a life well lived.

Welcome to the online gallery for leading contemporary Australian oil painter Ken Rasmussen.

Ken is fascinated by the places where people feel most alive and connected. He draws on his own life and travel to share some of his favourite places.

Maybe some of them are your favourite places too.

Home and Away
I'm playing here with that sense of being away and at the same time keeping places and people in our hearts.