Yallingup Galleries

A selection of Ken's paintings are on display at Yallingup Galleries.

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Garden Art Studio

Marrinup Drive, Yallingup

Main Studio

Caves Rd, Yallingup WA 6282

Works on Display

Homecoming by Ken Rasmussen



Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm

We come home and we anchor ourselves in our safe place with all that’s loved and familiar to us. This painting looks up over Fremantle to the north. You can see Gage Roads and its ships and Rottnest on the left. Perth’s Swan River and Canning River lead us around and up to the Perth CBD in the north.

Sail In Our Sanctuary by Ken Rasmussen

Sail In Our Sanctuary


Dimensions 1200 × 1200 mm

Gage Roads, the Swan and Canning Rivers, these are Perth’s water sanctuaries. We sail, swim and play.

Amazing To Be Awake Ken Rasmussen

Amazing To Be Awake


Dimensions 610 × 610 mm

It is mid-afternoon and the sea breeze brings the city to life. There’s movement in the treetops. Somewhere close by a beach is waiting for us.

The Whole Universe by Ken Rasmussen

The Whole Universe


Dimensions 610 × 610 mm

As a child, the places we go in the summer become our universe. The ocean and the sky give us a sense of space and infinity. All things seem possible.

Cheering Up Perth by Ken Rasmussen

Cheering Up Perth


Dimensions 610 × 915 mm

Gold sunlight. Kings Park. A sea breeze is rippling the surface of the river. Our comfort and rejuvenation.

Little Safe Bay by Ken Rasmussen

Little Safe Bay


Dimensions 610 × 610 mm

Mosman Bay

All About The Ocean by Ken Rasmussen

All About The Ocean


Dimensions 1200 × 900 mm

The colour, movement and mystery of the sea. Cares are carried away with the tides. They drift beyond the horizon.

Drinks On The Terrace by Ken Rasmussen

Drinks On The Terrace


Dimensions 760 × 760 mm

This is a salute to the dear old Claremont Hotel. For a long time its been a place where people could come together. Even as the modern buildings bubble up around her this old lady holds her ground. She is the charm of old Claremont lending soul to the new.