Party Island with Balloons, Cake and Presents by Ken Rasmussen Oil on Linen

Party Island with Balloons, Cake and Presents by Ken Rasmussen

Perth College has purchased a major painting, Party Island and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It was selected from works I exhibited at the school’s annual art show.

The show was brilliantly curated. Frankly, I was impressed by everything to do with it. The art, the food and all the friendly well-dressed people. What struck me was the impressive level of civilisation. I was taken by how effortlessly people talked about nice things.

Party Island was one of three of my works that sold on the night. Some students and the Principal chose this painting for the school. I was so pleased it connected with a younger audience.

I’ve tried to paint Rottnest as its never been painted before. I’ve attempted to capture some of the magic of the place because it’s so playful and interesting. I had a lot of fun painting clouds as balloons and shipping containers as presents.

I enjoy the way Rottnest tricks you. The little ships on the horizon are suddenly enormous up close. The water can seem so deep and then suddenly you see that it’s shallow. There is also a transformational aspect to visiting the island. People relax and get impressively sunburnt and frowsy. It’s a lovely spot.

At Perth College, I fished a dozen jarrah garden stakes out of the skip bin. A beautifully dressed woman smiled at me and said: “yeah, I do that too.” She then stopped and had a look in the skip bin to see what else was on offer. We enjoyed being bin chickens together.

I love these cooler days. You’ll find me sitting out in the studio. I have a cat, a cup of coffee and lots of dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts. I’m about to launch into a winter of new paintings and the building of a new shed. I’m feeling a sense of momentum and confidence.

I’ll let you know how it all goes.