Aspiration – The Rotto Swim

Rottnest Channel Swim

Dimensions 1220 × 1220 mm
| Oil on Linen


There is something so emotional about the Rottnest Channel swim.

Seeing people setting off through all the support boats toward the island. We watch the arms reaching up from the water. Again and again. How quickly people become small in a big sea.

Standing back on the beach there is this sense of bravery about the swimmers. Their optimism and their endeavour, so admirable. It’s a fine moment of humanity we share.

On the beach friends and family watch the swimmers leave and then there is this quiet hand over to support boats. The watchers, the guardians. They’ll stay close.

Once the swimmers are tiny specs in the distance we stand there and take in the glory of so many boats. Such a celebration. A flock of white water birds on the sea.

Then over time the theatre is far away. Still moving but now a parade that has passed us by. Then there is a strange sadness on the beach. The young ones have left us to get on with our day.

[This is the original oil painting. Also available as a print]

City Beach, Cottesloe, Floreat, Fremantle, Fremantle Harbour, Leighton Beach, Swanbourne

Bathurst Lighthouse, Geordie Bay, Longreach Bay, Pink Lakes, Pinky Beach, Rottnest Hotel, Salt Store, The Basin, Thomson Bay, Wadjemup Lighthouse, West End

This work is available for viewing at Ken's Studio in East Fremantle. Delivery is free to Australian metropolitan addresses.

Artwork Reference: LC32