She Makes Me Want To Lift My Game

Rottnest Night Light by Ken Rasmussen - Detail 1I met my wife in the passageway of the Printmaking Department. We were in the Fine Arts Building at the West Australian Institute of Technology and it was 1982. All I can really remember is I kept looking at her and she kept looking at the floor. I noticed that we both had a foreign sounding name.

It was nice to meet someone I felt strong feelings for. She immediately made me want to overcome my own mediocrity and failures. That’s been her influence over me since we’ve been together. She makes me want to lift my game.

I have always felt attracted to my wife. You know a lot of limpets never really find their rock. They never meet someone who makes them want to try as hard as they possibly can. It was a wonderful thing for me to find such a person.

I knew she was the woman I wanted to have children with. You know how hard you have to work at family life. You have to operate on faith and a sense of conviction. She has inspired that in me ever since that first meeting.

There are so many dimensions to my wife, but it is her quality of compassion that I’d like to talk about. I believe that compassion is the only thing that can unite us all. In the end, it is the only admirable quality that matters. It is the only thing that I ultimately admire in a person. My wife has this quality. It shines in her.

She is unique. I’ve never met anyone else like her. After all these years I see her as a pretty perfect version of herself. She does a wonderful job living her life with integrity. Attractive women realise early in life that they have power. It corrupts some. My beautiful wife is just not like that. She remains gentle and decent and kind.

Sometimes I feel she is too kind. On occasion, I would have preferred her to be more pragmatic and a little more brutal. Then again, we all struggle along being held back by the needs of others at times. You have to ration yourself. You have to understand how much strength you’ve got, and how much time you can give.

I feel so very fortunate that I was standing in that hallway back in 1982. I’m indebted to whatever forces arrange these matters. I’d like to pause here to propose a toast in honour of my wife. To you Simone. Cheers!


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