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The Katering Show Makes Me Laugh Out Loud

The Katering Show

The Katering Show. Image courtesy of Get Krack!n

Some time ago The Guardian published a list of the best shows online. I was curious so I watched an episode of each one.

That’s how I came across my favourite program, The Katering Show. I think each episode is a glittering diamond of perfection.

Kate McCartney and writing partner Kate McLennan originally released The Katering Show on YouTube. This was followed up by a Season 2 on ABC iView.

I’m not alone in finding a lot to love in The Katering Show. According to Kate McLennan’s management website this series has chalked up five million views and 100,000 subscribers.

One of the things I love about these episodes is that you can’t work out how they put it together. It is totally flawless. A continuous breathtaking surprise.

Some pieces of art will dazzle you at first but when you return to them they can decay in front of your eyes. This is because once the initial impact wears off you start to see the machinery at work.

I think a good example of this is the brilliant novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I found this is a very powerful piece of writing. On second reading I could suddenly see a connection to Charles Dickens. I realised it was written episodically. Once the making became clear it started to fall apart for me. I was distracted by watching technique rather than getting lost in the message.

That doesn’t happen with The Katering Show. No matter how often I watch it I am still taken in by their comic mastery.

I became interested in the other projects the Kates have worked on. I watched Get KrackIn which was also really something. I think I still prefer the later show when it is just the two of them firing off each other. Even a strong cast of Get Krackin can’t quite match the genius of these two gifted actors when they are in fine form.

It is great fun to laugh out loud. It is thrilling to hear lines that cut to the core of modern silliness. If you need something to brighten your day, The Katering Show would be my recommendation.

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