There is a tiny child in my garden. For her, it's a wonderland. Falling leaves, bees and snails. So many sources of delight. She has this fantastic capacity to be happy.

My friend Glenn and I entertain her while her parents choose a painting in the studio. She talks to us with her stumbling new words.

We are charmed by her interest, swept along by her enthusiasm. We hunt treasures for her. We answer her earnest questions. Suddenly this messy old garden is all new again.

It is fun to embrace this child’s world. You can’t be a child, but you can see the world through their eyes and be happy and inquisitive about things.

My guests choose their painting. It’s been a happy morning. The best part has been this treasure hunt and the delight of our little companion.

Children can see the wonder in things. They can wake us up to what is around us. As an artist, I find their worldview so refreshing.

That little child has changed the way I see my garden. In much the same way I take a familiar landscape, a beach, a river or a skyline. I highlight the detail so that people can see the beauty of their world with fresh eyes.

This process is all about bringing the life back into life. My walk to the studio is different now. I now see those snails are someone else's treasure.


Interested In A Painting?

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Big Gold Mosman by Ken Rasmussen. Oil on Canvas